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Thomas Harrington

   Thomas Harrington from Glenholme, Nova Scotia had his first encounter with a musical instrument at the age of 8 when he discovered a tin whistle laying about the house. He first learned to play through a tin whistle group at his elementary school. From there he has continued learning on his own, mostly by listening and fitting fiddle tunes to the whistle.

   Thomas’ first performances began with an old-time band headed by his grandfather. After attending a Rawlins Cross concert in Truro, and through encouragement from his family, Thomas took an interest the highland bagpipes at age 9. This instrument has been the focus of much of his musical involvement ever since. He is currently a member of the 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel) grade 1 band, and is taking pipe lessons from Bruce Gandy.

   Thomas has been an active solo competitor at the grade 1 level in the Maritimes and abroad. A few highlights of his piping career including playing at the George-Sherriff Memorial invitational piping competition where he placed first in the piobaireachd competition, and also performing on stage with Paul McCartney and the 78th Highlanders at a recent concert in Halifax.

   At the age of 15, Thomas decided to try his hand at the fiddle after experimenting on a ¾ size instrument belonging to his little sister. He has mainly learned by ear, but has had occasional tutelage at the Gaelic College and the East Pictou Fiddle Workshops. Thomas is currently in his last year of high school at Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro.